The best time for your newborn photography session

17 January 2023

Capturing the beauty of a newborn in photography is an art, but it also comes down to timing. When is the perfect age for a professional newborn photography session? In this blog article, we’ll find out what the optimal age is and how to ensure you get the best results from your photo shoot.

The first ten days of your baby’s life are the best time to book a professional newborn photoshoot for several reasons. Firstly, your baby is likely to be more sleepy and cooperative during this time. In the first few days, your baby is mostly asleep, which makes a photo shoot quicker and less stressful. Secondly, he still has his original newborn features, such as the umbilical cord stump and softer facial features. Thirdly, you’re likely to have more help from your family and friends during this time, which can make the experience less overwhelming.

Fourth, the baby is very mobile in these first days, so most of the classic poses for newborns are possible and safe for the baby. The baby changes from day to day, and its bones and joints change too. A newborn is born with 300 bones, some cartilage hardens and becomes bone, and some bones fuse into the 206 bones we adults have. In the finewbornrst few weeks, the baby develops the fastest, its eyes are open most of the time and it’s more aware of its surroundings.

The first ten days of your baby’s life are the best time for a professional newborn photoshoot, because this is when they sleep the most and curl up naturally. This is when they look their cutest!

it’s best to plan your shoot while you’re pregnant and you can book it as soon as you know your due date. We’ll arrange a date when your baby arrives so we have the perfect time for the photos.

Capture your baby’s very first moments that your family can enjoy for years to come. It’s hard to imagine how quickly they grow and change, so don’t miss this opportunity! We know you have questions, and we’re here to answer anything you have on your mind about a newborn photo session.


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