Newborn photography

They grow up fast, so remember them as they are now...

Sessions will take about three hours to make as many beautiful shots as possible in a comfortable and loving atmosphere,  baby’s needs and well-being is always a priority for us. The magic your baby brings to the studio is an extraordinary experience, and we are always excited to give them the time and attention they deserve. Newborn sessions are a time for parents to celebrate the birth of their child and it’s precisely because of this that the sessions are so charming.

Newborn babies come quickly, but they grow even quicker; capturing their beautiful beginnings has always brought us great joy. Optimal time for taking great newborn photographs is very short, which makes it all even more special. Upon arrival your newborn will be embraced by a warm temperature and soothing sounds of heartbeat and womb. Your child will be in the baby whispering hands of Kasia, an experienced mum and a newborn photographer, who will strive to find the best pose, prop and background for your baby.

Please don’t hesitate to contact us and book your baby’s first photo session, it’s probably the most significant shot of your baby’s life.

behind the scene

Meet Kasia, our dedicated caregiver during your baby's photoshoot. With a heart full of warmth and a gentle touch, Kasia ensures your little one feels safe, comfortable, and content throughout the session.

Her experience and nurturing spirit make her the perfect companion for your baby, allowing our photographers to capture those precious moments with ease.

We understand the importance of your baby's comfort, and with Kasia by your side, you can relax knowing that your little bundle of joy is in loving hands during this special experience.


How to prepare for a newborn session?

First: be prepared for at least 3 hours in our studio.

If you are breastfeeding mum: please avoid any spicy foods or citruses (even drinks) two days before the session. It can upset your baby’s tummy and it would make a photo session very difficult. If you are bottle feeding please bring an extra formula or two with you, a few nappies and a pacifier if your baby is using it.

Please feed your baby as much as possible and feed her/him about two hours before arriving, so you will feed her just before the session. Try to keep your baby awake 2 hours before we start our session. All we need is a happy, sleepy baby. Baby needs to be dressed in comfortable, loose clothing that could be quickly removed or put on again. Please don’t dress up your baby with anything tight that would cause marks on the skin.

When should I book my newborn session?

We recommend booking your session during your 2nd trimester. We will pencil you in and schedule your session, when the baby is born.

Can you visit my home and do a newborn photo session there?

Unfortunately we don’t make sessions at our clients’ houses, we have all required equipment and props in our Ballina studio and all newborn sessions take place there.

What if my baby cries and doesn’t settle?

This happens sometimes, if your baby will be upset and we won’t be able to calm it for the session, we will reschedule the session. We will not force a baby to do any pose or continue the session while he or she doesn’t like it. Baby’s comfort is our priority.

I’d like to have a family session with a newborn, can we make it during a newborn photo session?

Yes, in that case we encourage our clients to pick a second price package, newborn plus family photo session. We also recommend, because of the long time of this session, to take family photos and your older children  at the beginning of the photo shoot and after that let the family members take care of them. We know from our experience that three hours waiting can be very boring for little ones

Are newborn sessions safe?

Your baby’s safety is the most important thing during the session. Not all babies are comfortable in any pose. If we see that your newborn shows any signs of discomfort, we will immediately disregard the pose he/she is in. Many babies don’t like certain poses, sometimes it’s about the belly button or just general preferences.

Can we bring our own outfits or props?

We have plenty of our own props and wraps, which we use. We make fine art photographs, staged and unique shots, we don’t take any other casual pics in any casual baby clothes on request.

I’d like to have a few photos with my baby, what should I wear?

Best would be neutral colours, beige, white or black tops with no patterns or logos.

Photo session packages




Newborn plus family

Newborn photo session

  • Up to three hours of photo session, changes of props, backgrounds.
  • Online gallery with all photographs from the session for you to choose from
  • 10 different edited high resolution pictures by your choice in digital files (5 newborn images and 5 newborn plus family)
  • Up to three hours of photo session, changes of props, backgrounds.
  • Online gallery with all photographs from the session for you to choose from
  • 5 different edited high resolution pictures by your choice in digital files.

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