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Let Us Capture Your Love Story with Style!

Your Wedding Day, filled with love, laughter, and moments you’ve been waiting for so long.

We’re here to bring all those fading-in-time memories and emotions back to life, on a day you will see your wedding photos for the first time, on your first anniversary and all those years and generations to come.

We are always there where we should, making sure the best day of your life is perfectly and beautifully covered. Laugh with your bridesmaids, gentle first kiss, the love in your eyes, emotions of your loved ones and your breathtaking first dance.
We have all that covered.

From the small, intimate ceremonies to huge celebrations, all around Ireland and beyond.

Where fine art meets candid

Unique and authentic storytelling experience

We blend styles for an intriguing mix.

At Studio 54 Photography, we specialise in creating a diverse and comprehensive wedding photo collection by blending photojournalistic and creative portraiture styles. Our candid shots capture raw, emotional moments, while our glamorous and elegant shots highlight the beauty of your event and the people involved.

Two photographers to capture every nuance of your special day.

Dual Perspectives, Infinite Moments

With dual photographers, we capture both the bride and groom getting ready simultaneously, ensuring a complete and seamless storytelling experience. This means you'll have the full spectrum of emotions, anticipation, and excitement from both sides, creating a rich narrative of your special day.

Having two photographers allows also for a variety of angles and perspectives during key moments such as the ceremony, first look, and reception. This adds depth to your photo collection and provides a more dynamic representation of the event.

With two photographers working simultaneously, you'll end up with a larger number of high-quality images. This is especially beneficial for couples who want a diverse selection of photos to choose from when creating their wedding album.

organic look

Bringing back the magic of analogue photographs.

Not just because now it’s trendy and the photography world is going through a Film Renaissance as we speak. We do that, because film photography has more to offer. It has its own timeless quality, far better dynamic range and captures really true colours with its organic look that digital can’t replicate. It makes an emotional connection with the viewers, it’s not as sterile as digital and allows colours to be slightly muted and background to be more blurred when we need it to be. Shooting weddings on film is more challenging and requires more knowledge about proper lightning and correct angles, it’s very rewarding though. We show pure moments as they happen. We use our medium format Hasselblad and Contax system for those photos, shooting both on film and digital camera as a backup.

Discover Your Perfect Package


Choose from Four Options with a Complimentary Studio Pre-Wedding Photo Session

















  • Pre wedding/engagement photo session included
  • Consultations
  • Coverage: ceremony and formal shots: up to three hours of photographer’s time
  • One photographer
  • Pre wedding/engagement photo session included
  • Consultations
  • Full day coverage: from bride’s preparation till first dance.
  • One photographer
  • Pre wedding/engagement photo session included
  • Consultations
  • Full day coverage: from bride’s and groom’s  preparation till first dance.
  • Two photographers,
  • Aerial footage and photos of the venue (if weather permits)
  • Pre wedding/engagement photo session included
  • Consultations
  • Full day coverage: from bride’s and groom’s  preparation till first dance.
  • Two photographers
  • Aerial footage and photos of the venue (if weather permits)
  • Both digital and analogue photographs,
  • Large wedding album 12x12 included.
  • RSVP landing page

If your wedding venue is located outside Connaught, there will be an additional €100 added to your photography package. We want to make sure everything is perfect for you, and this extra charge helps us cover any additional travel or logistical expenses.

Wedding Album

Unveil the magic of your wedding day through our personalized albums. Each page narrates your unique love story, beautifully captured and thoughtfully designed.


1. How do I book your services for my wedding?

To secure our services, simply reach out through our contact page or give us a call. We'll discuss your wedding details, confirm our availability, and guide you through the booking process.

2. What photography styles do you specialise in for weddings?

We specialise in a blend of photojournalistic and creative portraiture styles. This combination allows us to capture both candid, raw moments and glamorous, elegant shots, providing you with a diverse and comprehensive wedding photo collection.

3. Can I customise my photography package?

Absolutely! We offer four basic packages, and each can be customised to fit your specific needs. Whether you want additional hours of coverage, engagement sessions, or other personalised features, we are here to tailor our services to your preferences.

4. Is a pre-wedding photo session included in the packages?

Yes, every package comes with a complimentary pre-wedding photo session in our studio. It's a fantastic opportunity for us to get to know each other better and for you to experience our photography style.

5. Do you provide two photographers for the wedding day?

Yes, we understand the importance of capturing moments from both sides. Most packages include two photographers to ensure comprehensive coverage of your special day, including simultaneous shots of the bride and groom getting ready.

6. How soon can we expect to receive our wedding photos?

We strive to deliver your all edited wedding photos within a few weeks after your wedding day. Few best shots you will be able to see in a few days though. We understand the excitement of reliving those moments, and we work diligently to provide you with your cherished memories promptly.

7. What happens if there is bad weather on our wedding day?

We are experienced in adapting to various conditions. In the case of inclement weather, we will work with you to find alternative locations or creative solutions. Your satisfaction is our priority, and we'll do our best to capture beautiful moments regardless of the weather.

8. Do you offer destination wedding photography?

Yes, we are available for destination weddings. Contact us to discuss the details, and we'll create a customised package to suit your destination wedding photography needs.

9. What if I have a limited budget?

We understand that budgets vary. Please don't hesitate to contact us, and we'll be happy to discuss how we can tailor our services to accommodate your budget while still capturing the essence of your special day.

10. How can I get in touch to discuss my wedding photography needs?

Feel free to reach out through our contact form on the website, Facebook messenger or give us a call. We are excited to hear more about your love story and discuss how we can make your wedding photography experience truly special.


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When do you want group family photos taken?

Approximate time scope.

For full wedding coverage, a longer time frame is necessary if you plan to capture the bride's preparation up until the first dance. On the other hand, for smaller weddings focused on the ceremony and formal photos, less time is needed.

Please feel free to send us samples of the types of images you prefer.


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Boudoir Photography on Film

Capturing the Essence of Elegance
Indulge in the timeless allure of boudoir photography captured on authentic film. We specialize in creating intimate and tasteful portraits that celebrate your unique beauty and sensuality.