Welcome to Studio 54

We are a creative team of passionate photographers

We specialise in portrait photography, where we believe a tailored approach is what the industry is hugely lacking in. Most important for us are the people within the borders of the frame, who deserve not only an enchanting experience, but a finished product that embodies an enduring sentimentality. No two experiences will be the same as the photo is built around the individual or group of people.
Every session is planned methodically, every detail is carefully discussed – make-up, hair and wardrobe included.
We believe that in order to create an image that our clients are content with, we must connect with them on a personal level. Each photo-shoot is a new adventure; every client is unique, though what remains constant is the magic born from each experience. All photographs are developed in the post-production process.
We get our inspiration from great photographers of the old Hollywood era, beautifully staged glamour shots and timeless fashion magazines. We aim to make positive change in people’s perception of themselves, to show their real beauty and let them feel like celebrities, even if just this one time.
We consider this ability a blessing and to watch people’s reaction and content is for us the biggest reward. Please feel free to step by to our studio on Bury Street in Ballina to tell your story.