Picture Framing

All our picture framings are made for gallery standard look. They are sealed at the back with high quality archive paper to protect the picture from dust and insects. We use picture hanging wires at the back to make hanging and leveling.

We frame photographs taken in our studio or any other photos, artworks or items you want to highlight on you wall. In case of any custom frame or display box please contact us for custom quote.

they contain:

A - Our professional printed photo

B - Picture Mat Board, Mat (Mount) in different colours.

C - Custom photo frame profile. They come in many colors and shapes. This is where the final price may vary

D - Picture framing glass or acrylic

E - Picture frame backing board

1 Step 1
Custom framing price calculator

Print size dimension (inch)

Please enter your image size along with desired mount size, if you don't want to use any mount, your picture will be placed directly within the frame.

Choose from Standard, Premium or Ornate frame profiles.
Standard, flat come in black, white or natural colour, width up to 35mm.
Premium profiles are beveled, come in black, white, natural, gold and silver colours,
Ornate, decorative frames in gold or silver, width from 38 to 93 mm.

Frame size: [field17+field19*4] inch x [field18+field19*4] inch

This is final price of a finished product you require and includes frame, print, glazing, mount, backing and hanging wire.

PRICE: € [field15]


We recommend using following mount sizes for different picture sizes:

8×10″ pic: 1.2 inch mount, 10×12″ pic: 1.4 inch mount, 12×14″ pic: 1.8 inch mount, 12×16″ pic: 1.9 inch mount, 16×20″ pic: 2.4 inch mount, 20×24″ pic: 3 inch mount


We also offer mounts in all colours and sizes. Beside traditional sizes we do also bespoke mounts perfectly tailored to your requirements: multiple window mounts, float mounts or shadow float mounts.
Made from best quality mounting boards, custom cut in our framing workshop will be a great addition to your photos and artworks. We always make sure that your pictures will be safe and properly displayed in our mounts. Please contact us for a custom quote